Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's time for 2014 and I am ready! Let's go!

First and foremost. . . I stopped blogging while going through my cancer treatment.  So far, so good.  I am finally getting the energy back and ready to get my blog going.  I have lots of wonderful friends who have been amazingly supportive.  My painting and crafting have been started up again and I am going to get this blog ready for the world to see!  So, here we go.  

Classes for silk painting have been scheduled in the adorable Mount Dora, a quaint town in Florida. Mt. Dora has great antique stores and my scarves have been selling in the fine art gallery Painting Outside the Lines.  

In the meantime. . . It Came From Maux's Workbench! Okay, I was trying to make a play on "It Came From Beneath the Sea!"


I made some pendants with polymer clay.  The one on the far right I made with glow in the dark clay for extra fun. Another item on the bench to be completed (end product pic to come): 

And, some of the latest silk scarves available at the art gallery:

Okay, 2014.  I am ready.  Let's go.